What do I do when a death occurs?
Depending on where the death occurs will determine what is necessary. If the death should occur in a hospital or nursing home, the health care facility will direct the family on what needs to be done. If the death should occur at home and hospice is not involved, call your local police department. They will guide you on what needs to happen. Most facilities will ask you which funeral home you wish them to call.

What do I bring to the funeral home when making arrangements?
The funeral home will need certain information to complete the death certificate, social security statements and veteran benefits application.

  •    Social Security Number
  •    Veterans Discharge Papers - DD214
  •    Deceased Level of Education
  •    Father’s Name, Mother’s Maiden Name
  •    Date of Birth
  •    Place of Birth
  •    Occupation
  •    Marital Status

What should I bring to dress the deceased?
Whatever the family wishes or something that was arranged ahead of time. The clothing may be a suit or a sport coat and slacks for a man. Likewise a dress, suite or a pants suit for a lady. However, more casual clothing may be appropriate. We also, suggest you bring under garments, shoes and socks. 

How do I find a funeral home that will offer the best quality professional services at the best value?
Most funeral homes have been established in their communities for some time. By asking your clergyman, community leaders, neighbors or friends, you can determine which funeral homes have earned a good reputation for service in the community.

Can your funeral home conduct a funeral service, cremation or burial out of town?
Yes. Our funeral home is located in Roebling, ( Florence Twp.) New Jersey but this does not limit us to any geographic area.  We are able to conduct funeral services, cremations or burials in any location we are asked to serve. Regardless of the day, time or place of death it is important to contact Koschek and Porter Funeral Directors first. Failure to call us first may result in duplication of services and excess cost.

Is your funeral home handicapped accessible?
Yes. Our funeral home is fully handicapped accessible. Ramps are located on both  side entrances to our building and our parking lot has designated spots. We also have a handicapped restroom.

How can a funeral be personalized?
It is becoming more common to tailor a funeral service to the personality of the deceased. Prayers and remembrances offered by family and friends, favorite music, treasured belongings, pictures and mementos can all play a major role in making the final tribute fitting and moving. The family can choose to assemble a display containing photographs, favorite possessions, and items from a hobby or awards the deceased received. These items help shift the emphasis of the services to the memories of the person’s life, rather than on the circumstances of his or her death. Personalization can also be added by choosing the most appropriate services and products available from the funeral home.


If I pre-pay my funeral arrangements with you, are those prices and services guaranteed?
When you pre-pay funeral arrangements with our funeral home we guarantee that your heirs will not have to pay any additional money due to future price increases. Once funds for a complete service are placed with a Forethought Insurance program, your money will earn a face amount and a rate of interest that will cover future expenses.

We will soon be entering a loved one into a nursing home or personal care facility; do we need to contact your funeral home to make prearrangements?
Many times entire life savings can be wiped out due to lengthy stays in these types of facilities. Our irrevocable Forethought Insurance programs that we use to pre-fund funerals can ensure that the policy will not be counted as an asset. Therefore, your loved one can be buried with dignity and your family will be given the freedom to select a funeral appropriate to your loved one’s lifestyle.

Why should I pre-fund my funeral with your funeral home’s insurance program instead of the local bank?
There are several advantages to using our funeral home’s insurance program:

From day one, you will earn a face amount on your policy which is determined by your age and your total funeral coat. A burial account at a local bank cannot offer this feature.

You will be earning a much higher interest rate which keeps up with inflation.

The yearly interest earned on the policy does not have to be reported as an income on your annual tax return.

Our policies can be made irrevocable to ensure that they are used for their intended purpose. This feature is important for those in health care facilities that can only have limited assets.

The policy is under your total control. Our funeral home does not own the policy and we do not receive and proceeds until the funeral services are performed.

If you decide to move out of the area, the policy can be easily transferred to another funeral home.

For additional information visit our Preplanning section.


What is Cremation and how will it affect my final wishes?
Cremation is the reduction of human remains by direct flame. The process is done in the cremation chamber, also referred to as a retort. Once completed, the remaining bone fragments are reduced in size and placed in a temporary container for transportation or an urn. The selection of cremation as a step toward final disposition would not effect funeral wishes , as cremation can be done at several points in the funeral process.

Can I still have a funeral service with the body present if I choose cremation?
It is important to remember that cremation is simply a step towards final disposition. All services, including embalming, casket selection, viewing and funeral services are available, even if cremation is chosen. Burial of cremated remains in an urn and an urn vault is often chosen as final disposition.

If my family wants an immediate cremation, can we have a service afterwards?
Yes. An immediate cremation takes place 24 hours after  a death, No embalming, viewing or services takes place prior to the cremation process. Many people who select this type of  cremation usually have a memorial service. With the cremated remains present for the service. Memorial services can be held at the funeral home, church, family home or cemetery.

For more information about cremation please contact Koschek and Porter Funeral Directions for the booklet “Cremation Facts”.


When I come to the Funeral Home to pay my respects, what should I say to the grieving family?
Our best advice is to be yourself. By having a public service, the family has invited you to come and share this time with them. Feel free to relate any story, memory or kind word as it relates to the deceased. The family will cherish your fond remembrances.

Should I take my child to the funeral home for visitation or funeral service?
We are asked this question quite frequently and our answer is always that you need to ask your child if they are comfortable attending. Children will tell you what they are and are not comfortable with. Never decide for your child. If they are comfortable and want to attend, then let them do so. On the other hand, if they do not want to attend, then you should not force them.

Do I have to use a Vault?
There is no New Jersey law that requires the use of a burial vault. However, most cemeteries require the casket to be placed in a protective outer container suitable to keep the ground above it from sinking on the casket. Years ago graves were dug by hand. Today heavy earth moving equipment is used. That equipment may travel on top of many graves to reach the specific location. Vaults and concrete grave liners provide adequate strength to keep the earth from sinking. Earth burial is often selected by those who choose the cremation process. As is the case with a casket, the urn or urn vault is buried on the family gravesite.